Start a league

Many are asking “How do I start a Men’s League in my church?”

Here’s a step-by-step plan to follow as you prepare to walk you through the first year:

  1. Immerse yourself in the gospel of Luke, particularly chapters four through ten. Observe how Christ organized and deployed his men. That’s your model.
  2. As you study, pray that God would begin calling the men who will form the league.
  3. You should also read David Murrow’s The Map: The Way of All Great Men, since the lessons will be based on this book.
  4. If you aspire to the role of commissioner, you desire a noble task (1Tim 3:1). But make sure you are equal to the challenge.
    • Take a personality inventory, or a spiritual gift inventory.
    • Make sure you possess the leadership gifts to lead a large organization (and all the challenges that come with this role).
    • Compare yourself to the “overseer” described in 1Timothy chapter 3.
  5. Be on the lookout for another commissioner.
  6. Once you have two commissioners in place, take the Men’s League concept to the leadership of your church. Do not proceed without the knowledge and blessing of the elders. (I would recommend that the elders of your church each take the video tour to familiarize themselves with Men’s League.)
  7. The commissioners meet together weekly for a year, doing stuff together and bonding as brothers. There must be no division between them. They should be reading the same books, studying the same parts of the Bible, and praying together over the future of the league. This is the time when iron sharpens iron (Prov. 27:17)
  8. During the first year, the commissioners should be looking for potential coaches:
    • Meeting them at work, for lunch and in their homes
    • Once a man shows potential as a coach, ask him to take a personality test, to identify his leadership potential.
    • After the commissioners have a list of about 20 potential coaches, they begin calling men to this role.
  9. As you call each potential coach, tell him:
    • I am calling you to become a disciple maker. We are creating a new disciple-making league in our church, and I want you to be one of our coaches.
    • I chose to call you because I see a lot of potential in you. I think you have what it takes to lead men.
    • You will walk an ancient path of discipleship, going back to the very first men’s group – Christ and the twelve.
    • This is a two year commitment: An intense one-year disciple making process, in which your faith will be tested to its limit, and a second year in which you and a partner train others.
    • In the first year, you will experience everything Jesus did on earth, short of crucifixion. You will become “like Christ” not by studying him, but by walking in the steps he left us.
    • In the second year, you will be partnered with one other man and the two of you will “make” a dozen more disciples.
    • After two years, you can drop out of the league, or you can stay for the real fun in your third year.
    • This is a unique opportunity that is only extended to a few men during their lifetimes. It’s OK for you to turn it down, but there’s no guarantee that the offer will come again.
    • We will meet 30 times over the next year. You must agree to be at 28 of these meetings, or you’re out.
    • Men’s League is a winnowing process. We will do everything in our power to expose your weaknesses as a disciple – and as a man. We predict many men will not make it through the year.
    • Although we want you to succeed, we won’t shed any tears if you drop out. We’ve got 8 guys waiting to take your spot.
    • If you make it through the year, you will be given the opportunity and support you need to fulfill Christ’s great commission.

Once you have 12 men who say, “Yes,” set your first meeting time with your coaches.

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