I’m David Murrow, author of Why Men Hate Going to Church and The Map: The Way of All Great Men.

David Murrow

David Murrow, brainstormer-in-chief

For years I’ve wondered why men’s ministry programs don’t work for most men. It’s a mystery – there is some absolutely fabulous men’s curriculum out there, packed with great Bible teaching. Yet almost every church that launches a men’s program meets with failure. The men just don’t seem interested. Here are the facts:

  • The vast majority of men’s programs die within two years of launch.
  • Fewer than ten percent of churches offer any ongoing ministry to men at all.
  • Those churches that do offer men’s minstry programs see very low rates of participation.
  • Major national men’s ministry organizations are shrinking in size and influence.

Am I saying that all men’s ministry is a failure? Certainly not. Some men are thriving under our current models. If you attend a church with a healthy, growing men’s ministry, then keep doing what’s working.

But the statistics don’t lie. The vast majority of churchgoing men do not participate in any form of men’s ministry – and the under-30 crowd is particularly disengaged. There’s clearly room for a new approach to men’s ministry.

Or maybe an ancient one.

Men’s League is a discipleship structure based on the very first Christian men’s group: Jesus and the twelve. Men’s League develops twelve men at first, and then expands to seventy-two. Men’s League not only delivers powerful teaching, it also gives men personal coaching and a structure that keeps them engaged.

Men’s League is built around the metaphor of a modern sports league, but its methods are as old as Christianity itself. It’s an ever-evolving model that combines the best practices of today’s leading men’s ministries with the ancient structure Jesus modeled for us.

I’ve prepared a series of short videos (9 in all) that walk you through the vision of Men’s League. The entire video tour takes less than an hour to complete.To get started, click here.

To find out the latest news about Men’s League, visit the blog. 

Or if you perfer to read more, click on the “Vision” tab at the top of your screen.

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